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Well-being course
Wellbeing Course
Welcome to our eLearning course for your wellbeing! We are here to develop tools for doctors and medical students you can...
Coping with illness
Important things to rememberYou will get sick. That is life. You’re surrounded...
Coronavirus and your wellbeing
Covid-19 is taking a huge emotional toll on everyone. The usual work-life balance tips...
Healthy meal prep
Right, we’ve all been there. You’re starving after finished a long day, have forgotten...
As an FY1 doctor, there are different types of leave you will come across during...
Tile art
Mind The Bleep: The Podcast
Mental health and well-being are taboo subjects for medical students and doctors,...
How to be happy by practicing Gratitude Journalling!
Gratitude – a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the...
Breaks and Burnout
Breaks and Burnout
When I left medical school, I thought my only difficulty would be the actual medicine,...
Working Less Than Full Time
Working LTFT in FY1/FY2Working LTFT can be a great way to improve your work-life...
Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance
Work-life balance is a topic that has become increasingly prevalent over the past...
Difficult Colleagues
Dealing with difficult colleagues
This is a tricky area to cover as it can be challenging to us both personally and...

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