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Working Less Than Full Time
Working LTFT in FY1/FY2Working LTFT can be a great way to improve your work-life balance and applies to individuals in many situations. Obviously, training takes a little longer...
Notifiable Diseases
Notifiable Diseases
As a junior doctor, it is your statutory duty as a medical professional to alert the local public health team to a new or suspected diagnosis of a notifiable disease or condition. Often...
Vertigo is described as an “abnormal sensation of motion. It can occur in the absence of motion or when motion is sensed inaccurately”1Assessing a patient with vertigo can be challenging,...
10 Gifts for your Colleagues
As we all rotate so frequently between departments, many of us like to get our seniors or juniors something nice to say thank you. Personally, I’m a massive gift giver because...
From the Greek: Syn: together & kopein: to cut - referring to a block in blood supply from the body to the brain, most often due a drop in systemic blood pressure. It is defined as...
Bowel Obstruction
Bowel Obstruction
Bowel obstruction is a common reason for admission or complication of patients under the surgical team, but doctors don’t frequently get that much exposure to it in medical school....

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Randomised Control Trials
Randomised Control Trials - The Basics
IntroductionRandomised Control Trials (RCTs) play a vital role in evidence-based medicine, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of medical interventions. As medical...
Orbital Cellulitis
Periorbital and Orbital Cellulitis
IntroductionThe orbital septum is a fibrous connective tissue layer which divides orbital tissue from the eyelid, thus serving as a barrier against the spread of infection into...
Restorative Yoga
What is it?Restorative yoga is a type of yoga that emphasises deep relaxation techniques and the importance of the balance between the mind and body. It encompasses yoga poses that...
Orbital Cellulitis
Peri-Orbital Cellulitis and Orbital Cellulitis: Diagnosis and Management
Introduction:This exploration of peri-orbital cellulitis and orbital cellulitis is designed to aid in the diagnosis and management of two distinct but closely related ophthalmological...
Sore Throat
Foreign Bodies in the Ear, Nose and Throat
IntroductionENT Foreign bodies can be intimidating to the SHO tasked with first seeing the patient and attempting removal. This quick guide will give you some useful tips and make...
Ophthalmology Applications
Eyelid Disease
Introduction and AnatomyThe eyelid is important for ensuring physical protection of the eye and maintaining lubrication over the surface of the eyeball.It is composed of five...
Surgical Clerking
A Comprehensive Guide to Surgical Clerking
This guide is designed to help you identify the key areas you need to focus on when clerking a surgical patient. There are several differences when compared to clerking a medical patient,...
Stock wound photo
Wound Management in A&E
Wounds are a very common presentation to A&E and minor injuries departments. Wound management is very clinician dependent and there is a lot of variation in practice. It is important...
Heart Failure
The word cardiomyopathy is used as a general term referring to the abnormal structure or function of the heart. Strictly speaking, the definition of cardiomyopathy excludes...
Internal Medicine Training
Internal Medical Training (IMT)
IMT is an exciting and challenging training programme which will certainly make you a better clinician but you will need perseverance, dedication and resilience to complete it. In this...
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