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Difficult Colleagues
Dealing with difficult colleagues
This is a tricky area to cover as it can be challenging to us both personally and professionally when things don’t go well with a colleague, particularly when we know that this might...
Fever in the Returning Traveller
Fever in the Returning Traveller
COVID-19 aside, international travel is easier and more prevalent than ever before, and illness associated with travel is common. Although most infections contracted overseas are self-limiting...
Hypernatraemia is defined as a sodium above 145 mmol/L with severe being more than 150 mmol/L.… Free Medical Education PlatformRead More »
Bradyarrhythmias are abnormal heart rhythms with a pulse rate of <60 beats per minute (bpm). This can be due to a variety of causes, including sinus node disease, atrioventricular...
Death Certificate
Death Certification
After a patient has died you may be asked to complete the death certificate. It may be issued by a doctor who has provided care during the last illness and who has seen the deceased...
Dealing with a complaint
Dealing with a complaint
Everyone will receive a complaint – this is inevitable. Usually, these are informal, “I’m unhappy with the care delivered” from a relative or the patient. In this article, I’ll...

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