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Giant Cell Arteritis
Giant Cell Arteritis
What is it? GCA (Giant cell arteritis) or temporal arteritis is a well known Ophthalmology emergency. GCA is a type of vasculitis...
Referral Cheat Sheet
Referral Cheat Sheet
Our referral cheat sheet is our most popular resource having been downloaded thousands of times! It has key information to...
Your e-Portfolio is an online tool to gather and store evidence of progression throughout your time as a Foundation Doctor...
Medical Education
How to set up a teaching programme
In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up local, regional and national teaching programmes with top tips...
Ranking Foundation Jobs
Ranking Foundation Jobs
If you’re worried about not getting your top choice, you shouldn’t worry. It doesn’t affect your future...
Ward Round
Surviving Ward Rounds
It takes time to get used to the ward round. Particularly, when patients are being seen so fast it seems impossible to document...

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Respiratory Distress

Written by Dr Rebecca Evans, ST3 Paediatrics One of the most common presentations to paediatric A&E is “SOB” “DIB” or “increased WOB”. There are many different causes of respiratory distress in infants and children, and it is important o be able to narrow down your

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Prepare for FY1 Guide by Specialty

This amazing guide was created by so many amazing doctors like yourself helping each other. It is a snapshot of the freely editable guide that can be found here. As you use this resource, we request you please keep it up to date as we

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Giant Cell Arteritis

What is it? GCA (Giant cell arteritis) or temporal arteritis is a well known Ophthalmology emergency. GCA is a type of vasculitis that affects medium to larger sized vessels Who gets it? Signs and symptoms: Local symptoms Systemic symptoms Headache Jaw claudication Pain in tongue

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Introduction to Cataracts

A cataract is “a clouding of the lens of the eye or of its surrounding transparent membrane that obstructs the passage of light”. Cataracts cause 50% of blindness and 33% of visual impairment around the world (Wale et al). Luckily, cataract surgery is one of

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Dry and Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

Introduction With an increase in the ageing population globally, we will be seeing more diseases that typically affect elderly patients. One such condition is age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). AMRD is an acquired degeneration of the retina, specifically the macula, that usually affects the central vision

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