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Careers Advice
Careers Advice
FY1 is a great opportunity to explore new specialties and start to gain an idea of what working in them is actually like.A few things to bear in mind though:As an FY1 your job...
Serum calcium concentration is tightly regulated between 2.1-2.6mmol/L. Severe hypercalcaemia is a life-threatening electrolyte emergency requiring prompt recognition and urgent treatment....
Acute Asthma
You are unlikely to be expected to make decisions about long term asthma management, therefore focus your efforts on learning how to deal with acute exacerbations.Brief historyIf...
Compartment Syndrome
Compartment Syndrome
Acute Compartment Syndrome is one of the few orthopaedic emergencies. If missed, it can lead to severe and life-changing consequences for the patient. This article will focus on acute...
Anaphylaxis is a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction. Features include airway compromise, breathing or circulation difficulties and skin changes. Skin changes alone are not...
Paediatrics: Venepuncture & Cannulation
This article will discuss how to take blood and cannulate patients in the paediatric setting.… Free Medical Education PlatformRead More »

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Healthy meal prep
Right, we’ve all been there. You’re starving after finished a long day, have forgotten the shops close at 4pm on Sunday, or simply can’t find the energy to chop onions and garlic in...
Paediatric IV Fluid Prescribing
Prescribing IV fluids in paediatrics is different to adult medicine and requires a bit more thinking and some maths. This article breaks down prescribing fluid boluses, maintenance...
Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is usually categorised as melanoma or nonmelanoma skin cancer, the latter including squamous cell (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC).Risk factorsBasal cell carcinoma Squamous...
Pupil Disorders
Pupil size results from the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation to the muscles of the iris. Under normal circumstances, bright light causes pupil constriction (miosis)...
Hand Infections
Hand infections are a common presentation, they can spread rapidly and cause damage to local structures and therefore require prompt identification and treatment.CausesHand infections...
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IntroductionPapilloedema is optic disc swelling which is specifically secondary to raised intracranial pressure (ICP). It is nearly always bilateral and can be asymmetrical. [1]The...
Amblyopia is a childhood cause of visual impairment. It occurs due to abnormal visual development in early life, particularly the cortical visual pathway. It is often described as a...
Intensive care referral
Referring to the Intensive Care Unit
As a foundation doctor, caring for patients who deteriorate rapidly and/or are critically unwell can be daunting.Intensive care units provide the highest-level care for patients within...
Neonatal respiratory physiology
Neonatal Respiratory Physiology
This may seem like a very subspecialist topic but as part of a paeds job as a junior trainee or FY2 you may be expected to cover a neonatal unit and this may involve looking after ventilated...
Neonatal invasive ventilation
A Cheat Sheet for Neonatal Invasive Ventilation
Neonatal ventilation is a complex topic but one you may need to get your head around as an FY2 if you cover a NICU as part of your paeds rotation. You should read our article about...
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