Medical School Rep

Mind the Bleep is an award-winning medical education platform for UK doctors with over 25,000 monthly users. 

We’re recruiting reps for every UK medical school to help us develop our final year content. 

Final Year

Why apply?


Join our national award-winning team & have input on the content we create


Develop leadership skills through a regional role


Develop skills in organising & promoting large, national & international events.


Opportunities to develop education projects & join national team

What does the role involve?

Your core role is to promote relevant content & obtain feedback to guide our content in your medical school


Promote relevant content via societies & social media


Gather feedback from your peers to shape our content


Meet other reps working together to develop skills


Optionally organise local educational projects

Apply to become a Medical School Rep

This role will enhance your CV and portfolio providing you with a greater chance when applying to competitive specialities, future committee roles and academic posts. We look forward to your application!

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