Junior Doctor Pay Calculator

We’ve created a junior doctor pay calculator which will help you better understand your salary, how much tax you’ll pay, student loans & contributions to NHS pensions.

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Junior Doctor Pay Calculator

Please note our calculator below uses the Junior Doctor Contract in England & is updated for the April 2022/23 financial year and pay circulars. Thus it uses the following nodal points for calculations based on basic salary:

  • FY1 – £29,384
  • FY2 – £34,012
  • Specialty Registrar/Core Training 1/2 (SHO) – £40,257
  • ST3/4/5 – £51,017
  • ST6/7/8 – £58,398

As many external factors impact your pay and tax, our calculator won’t be 100% accurate and shouldn’t be used to make any financial decisions.

Comment below or email us if you spot any errors or have suggestions!

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30 thoughts on “Junior Doctor Pay Calculator”

  1. This is generally really good.

    A few things that could be added
    – flexible Pay premia for hard to fill specialties
    – Different plans for student loans, I’m on plan 4 but work in England.

  2. FYI i could be wrong but i think the monthly contribution to an NHS pension is not taxable income.

    I.e. if you are paying into a pension scheme this calculator will overestimate the amount of income tax you are paying and underestimate your take home pay,

  3. Could we add an hourly average before tax as well as after? Would be more useful for comparison to other professions etc.

  4. This is really helpful, but it doesn’t allow for multiple student loan plans that graduate entry medics might be on, or a decimal point figure for any of the hour values.
    Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  5. Thank you for this, it’s really helpful!

    Do you have a spreadsheet version of this so I can customise it more accurately for my own situation?

  6. It would be great if this could be updated to account for the new NI threshold. Fantastic resource though, thank you

    1. I’m impressed with the speed at which you picked this up given it only came into action today! Updated with the increase of the Primary Threshold from £190 to £242 per week. Please do let me know if anything else changes 🙂

  7. This is so helpful! Thank you. Trying to tent a house as moving to new region..still no work schedule (sigh!) and need to actually at least have ballpark figure of my salary to quote to estate agents! Phew.

    Would be helpful to have explainers eg. What counts for 37% uplift (nights starting from 8pm onwards, all hours of shift, I think?). Also for incorporating on calls – I wasn’t sure how to put in weekend hours – in addition to which band. Do I work out the average total hours including main hours plus weekly evening shift and then figure out weekend hours and average them across a number of weeks (1 in 5) to add to total?

    Maths really isn’t my strong point 😛

    Impressed with speedy change for NI threshold.

    Heads up re LTFT pension changes starting till later in yr. Maybe also complicated but will no longer taken based on full timers as salary.

    1. Thanks, Em for your comments! For the 37% uplift this is detailed in the link to the Junior Doctor Contract (we’ve tried to keep it brief to make it less overwhelming – this is in Schedule 2 16-18 which explains it much better. As a brief summary: the 37% enhancement applies to any hours between 9pm & 7am with the entire shift being included if it starts at 8pm and lasts 8 hours or starts before 4am. Your exact hours should be detailed in your work schedule as it’s the average hours across the rota for which you’re paid rather than anyone’s individual rota.

      If you include a link re: the LFTT pension changes, I can adapt the calculator accordingly!

  8. Can you tell me what’s the pay for non resident on call for weekends? Is it just 8% of basic pay regardless of the number of weekends you do?

    Also in terms of hours attract 37% enhancement, do these apply for non resident on call?

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