10 Gifts for your Colleagues

As we all rotate so frequently between departments, many of us like to get our seniors or juniors something nice to say thank you. Personally, I’m a massive gift giver because it feels nice to get something people truly appreciate. That said, it has to be on a low budget because of how frequently rotations occur & how many people are often within our team. I usually aim for less than £10. Comment below if you have any more suggestions & I’ll add them to the list!

Tips on choosing the right item

  • Something with thought is always appreciated more
  • Try and find out their hobbies or interests
  • If you’re stuck, ask someone else who knows them e.g. their secretary, senior colleague or their peer

Some ideas

Even if you’re not buying a gift for a colleague, you might want to get a thank you card. I recommend buying them in bulk as they are otherwise super expensive! In bulk, they can be as little as 20p each for a high-quality card!

1) Personalised mug or stationery
This could be with their name, a joke from their specialty or something generally funny. I really like magic mugs that change colour to reveal their name when they’re filled with hot liquid, but if you’re on a budget there are plenty of other items!

2) Food/baked item
This is incredibly low cost (but requires a lot of effort). Biscuits, cookies, fudge are often favourites! If you’re a novice, try these: chocolate shortbread or peanut butter fudge.

3) Plant
It is hard to go wrong with a desk plant. Given we spend so much time at work, it might be worth getting something hard to kill like a succulent!

4) Alcohol
Make sure you check whether they drink & ask someone for their preference. If in doubt, just go for something generic like a gift set.

5) Candle
Candles look really fancy & are usually very well received. They come at a range of prices so can fit any budget!

6) Aromatic Diffuser
Aromatic diffusers will vaporise water without heating it up to spread scented oils. This is often something different that people never realised they wanted until they’ve been given one.

7) Chocolates
Everyone likes chocolates! They are often really easy & cheap if you’re looking for a last-minute gift.

8) Gift Cards
Another great last-minute gift is a gift card for their favourite store!

9) Books
What I really like about buying a book is it feels like a lot of thought has been put into it when you can simply just pick something off the bestseller list. To go the extra step, you can write a personalised message either as a bookmark or on the inside cover.

10) Hand creams
A hand cream gift set is a really lovely & useful present that again can be ordered last minute but looks like a lot of thought has gone into it!

And there you have it! 10 suggestions but if you’re still not happy, there are plenty more suggestions available on Amazon!

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