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Saving Accounts
Savings Accounts
In this article, I will be discussing the different types of savings accounts and...
Credit Score
The Credit Score
In this article, we talk about what the credit score means, how it affects you &...
Current Accounts
Current Accounts
This article summarises some key tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your...
Clinical Coding
If you’ve ever wondered how hospitals generate income from the work you do...
Consumer Loans
It’s important for healthcare professionals to have an understanding of the...
Junior Doctor Pay Calculator
Doctor's Pay Calculator 2024
We’ve created a pay calculator to help you better understand your salary, how...
Financial Tips for IMGs
This article will go over the costs for international medical graduates associated...
Credit Cards
Credit Cards
This article will cover the different types of credit cards, the main things to look...
Payslips & Income Tax
Each month, your pay and any deductions will be summarised to you in the form of...
Claiming Tax Relief
Claiming Tax Relief
This article is about claiming tax relief on essential things for your job –...
Student Loan
Student Loans - should you repay early?
Student loans are a Government-run scheme in the UK and the most recent plan (Plan...
NHS Pension
NHS Pension Scheme (2015)
This article is supplementary to the webinar on the same subject, which you might...
Mortgages for Doctors and NHS Professionals
Getting onto the property ladder is becoming increasingly difficult for first-time...
Junior Doctor Pay
How much do junior doctors earn?
Overview of how much junior doctors earn with a broad range of salaries depending...

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