Surviving FY1

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Our course covers all the key tips & tricks to surviving FY1

Course Content

A guide to ward rounds
Ward work, discharge, paperwork
Staying organised
Liaising with specialties
Being on call
Structure of a medical ward
Structure of a surgical ward
Who you should call for help
Hitting the ground running
The e-portfolio
The who's who in FY1 support
Indemnity (MDU)
Final Resources

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Posted 9 months ago
Concise information and very helpful for an IMG !

Each section is explained very well, easy to understand as well as some "practice" examples to carry out at the end of some of the videos/topics. Extremely helpful for medical students who are not doing their clinical practice in the UK.

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Posted 11 months ago
Great free course covering the essentials!

Thank you for making this online course so accessible! The videos have really helped to solidify my understanding of fy1 roles and responsibilities and have provided a clear explanation of things we don't get formally taught in medical school such as how to liaise with other specialties, ward round dynamics and ward jobs.

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Posted 1 year ago
Truly is a survival course!

I'm an incoming IMG for South Thames and am so glad that I came across this course and Mind the bleep in general! I cannot recommend this course enough, there are so many helpful tips and tricks in there that I would have been lost without! Thanks to everyone who put in the effort and work to create this course, you're the real MVPs!! I'm feeling a lot more confident going into FY1!

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