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We believe strongly that the best Prescribing Safety Assessment course should be provided completely free. This outstanding PSA preparation series has been put together by Dr Sona Petrosyan who is dually qualified in Pharmacy & Medicine.

The format of the course is largely case-based questions with poll and chat-based answers helping to cover aspects of the PSA blueprint.


  • Brilliant session with absolutely amazing tips! I loved how Dr Petrosyan showed us how to use the BNF
  • Dr Petrosyan was clear, concise and gave great tips and I feel more at ease now going forward
  • The scenarios were concise and understandable and the answers were well explained
  • Sona is a fantastic teacher. So friendly & welcoming – I loved the sessions so much
  • Good variety of questions, answers very well explained, approachable and engaging even when online
  • The content was explained well. The questions were very clear and appropriately challenging and the explanations were good
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Posted 3 months ago
Well structured, useful course!

Thank you for this course! It was an incredibly useful resource for revision and understanding how to approach each section of the PSA. I really appreciated the advice given by tutors about how to use the BNF efficiently.

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Posted 3 months ago
Great overvview!

Super helpful overview and gradual introduction to the PSA. Appreciated running through lots of example questions

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Posted 4 months ago
Clear and concise information and tips

I feel I have a much better understanding of how to navigate the BNF and medicines complete as a result of completing this course, it was extremely helpful! Sona is a great teacher, much appreciated

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Posted 4 months ago
Very useful!

I went through all of the videos before starting any PSA prep, and it was so so useful. I particularly liked that we went through questions and she explained the answers in depth and how to find the information on the Medicines complete bnf

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Mustafa Khan
Posted 7 months ago

This course was really helpful, so were the suggestions on BNF. Could be even better with some practice material.

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Posted 1 year ago
So helpful!

The sessions provided an incredibly useful overview of everything we will need to know for the exam, as well as great tips and tricks for navigating the BNF. I especially liked the detailed explanations for prescribing maintenance fluids as this has always confused me, now no longer the case! Thank you so much 🙂

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