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Welcome to the Mind the Bleep course on Audit and QI. From this course you should achieve the following:

  1. A working understanding of what Audit and QI are in the healthcare setting
  2. Why each has an important role in healthcare
  3. When, where, and how you can complete your own Audit, and QI
  4. Completion of the quiz will produce all the protocol information for you to show a supervisor of your choosing in order to complete and design your own project
  5. Further resources to point you in the right direction for next steps or further learning

Course time to compete: 1-3 hours

You will receive a certificate upon completion and we appreciate any feedback you can give via the form located in the final section

Select the title “What is QI/Audit” to begin!

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Md Nahid Hasan
Posted 3 days ago
Excellent design and technique.

The course is designed wonderfully and structured manner. Cleared my confusion regarding the subtle difference between QI and audit.

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Posted 5 days ago
Excellent presentation

Best I have read so far about audits

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Posted 6 days ago
Best experience of learning about audit and qips

I loved it

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