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Our mission is to make medical education both easy and free!

We welcome any ideas for building our resources or collaborating on content – all that we ask is that you’re passionate about it! In return, we work with you providing mentorship and opportunities to develop your skills and portfolio. We help simplify the process by providing the necessary infrastructure and audience to make medical education easy and fun! 


Our Core Principles


Practical Content

We specialise in practical content for junior doctors & other healthcare professionals


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We believe that medical education content & resources shouldn't be something you need to pay for!


Expanding Content

We love to collaborate! If you've got a cool idea - tell us & we'll work with you to build it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mind the Bleep is a medical education platform established over 4 years ago. Our mission is to provide free, easily accessible practical knowledge for junior doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals. 

Our core team consists of over 200 people split into different teams working on whichever projects interest them the most. The aim is we provide each other support and mentorship, allowing us to help each other develop skills, teach & build our portfolios. 

Our audience is over 80,000 monthly users and is growing each month. They give us fantastic suggestions for content and tips on how to improve our resources.

Roles are customised around you. They vary from leading a team, creating teaching programmes, quality improvement projects, creating resources, running in-person courses, creating articles, delivering webinars and many other things.

Everyone has different things they’re good at, things they want to learn or things they have to do for their portfolio and we will work with you to hopefully design a role that suits your needs. 

As the role is customised around you, this isn’t set. Most of us work full time so we let you decide what you want to do and how much time and effort you want to put into it and we’ll talk you through what’s possible.

We’re hoping by working with you we can customise your role to get everything you need. Certainly hundreds of people have received letters from us that have helped them at specialty applications and other roles. Just let us know what you’re looking to do and we can discuss!

I (Akash, Founder & Endocrine Registrar) use my own money doing extra work to keep it free & we have a few sponsors. I had a tough time starting out, so I wanted to make something everyone could access for free to provide the resources I wish I had.

You’ll get sent our guide, added to our communication WhatsApp groups and both of these will provide you endless support with whatever you need. You will have a team lead who can answer any questions or deal with issues. We welcome any cool ideas along the way!

As you progress through, depending on how you get on we’ll invite you to join us in other cool projects to build your CV further – whatever you want to do!

If at any point there is any reason you can’t carry on – just let us know! It needs to be something you enjoy doing & it needs to be something you find useful as you’re giving up your free time to do it!

Contribute to Mind the Bleep

Mind the Bleep contributors can do anything they want from writing a single article to designing an entire webinar programme, leading a team or building fantastic resources like our referral cheat sheet!

Let us know what your interests are or the skills you’re keen to develop & we’ll help work with you to find your perfect role to build amazing content for our 80,000 monthly users & develop your portfolio.

Before you apply, have a read about Mind the Bleep and our teams here. If you don’t hear from us within 5 days or have any issues or questions, email us!

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