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Cannulation is a procedure regularly undertaken which involves threading a plastic tube into a vein to allow access to give fluids & other drugs. It is also possible to take bloods during the initial cannulation process, but once in & flushed with saline future samples are likely to be significantly contaminated. In addition to junior

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Death Verification

As a new F1 in August, it can feel like quite a daunting task to verify a death, particularly if you have never seen this done before. This step by step guide will take you through the process of death verification to help make this task easier as you settle into your new role. Verifying

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Essential Apps

Here’s a list of apps that are in order of how essential we find them. There’s probably more out there so drop us a comment if you have any suggestions to add! Induction (free, available on iOS/Android)Can be used in ANY trust and once you’ve logged in it is trust specific. Perfect for having the

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Often one of the scariest things you can do as you will most likely be speaking to a more senior colleague in an unfamiliar speciality. However, as an F1, you may well know the patient best and therefore you may be best placed to refer the patient. Introduce yourself and say on whose behalf you

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Handover occurs between shifts to ensure everyone is up to speed with patients. The exact nature of how it occurs varies greatly by hospital & specialty. E.g. in paediatrics or critical care all patients are handed over including outliers & outstanding patients requiring review. In medicine, usually only those with urgent outstanding tasks or those

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