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Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Covid-19 is taking a huge emotional toll on everyone. The usual work-life balance tips don’t work as well when you can’t go out and everyone’s emotions are on overdrive. Finding ways to support each other and help deal with the situation is incredibly important. 1) It is a marathon, not a sprint.Nobody knows how long this will

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Dealing with difficult colleagues

This is a tricky area to cover as it can be challenging to us both personally and professionally when things don’t go well with a colleague, particularly when we know that this might impact patient care and/or our own mental health. The longer these negative interactions go on, the more likely they are to significantly

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Breaks and Burnout

When I left medical school, I thought my only difficulty would be the actual medicine, which most junior doctors will tell you flies out your head as soon as you walk out of finals (it flies back in when you start working though). I somehow assumed that I would always manage to find ways to

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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a topic that has become increasingly prevalent over the past decade with positive changes being made to the junior doctor contract and several initiatives being introduced across the country. But what is a good work-life balance? How can we achieve it? And most importantly, why do we bother attempting to achieve a

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Locums as an FY1

Finally earning a wage for all your hard work is great and locum work can be a great way to boost your earnings, whilst gaining more clinical exposure and experience. You will soon start receiving offers for locum shifts, but ensure you consider the following important things before booking these. What is the difference between

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Bullying and Undermining – Changing Culture

Welcome to FY1. In your first few months, you will find your learning curve is steep and you may feel out of your depth and lost. This is normal-you will develop skills in your first few days, weeks and months that will make you unrecognisable from graduation day. One thing that you must not learn,

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Working Less Than Full Time

Working LTFT in FY1/FY2 Working LTFT can be a great way to improve your work-life balance and applies to individuals in many situations. Obviously, training takes a little longer and there are pros and cons to consider. If it’s something you’re considering I hope this article will provide a good overview of the eligibility criteria,

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Your eportfolio is a tool to store and record evidence that demonstrates your progress, clinical competencies and reflections. Try to add to your portfolio on a regular basis to avoid the rush to get forms signed at the end of a rotation. The e-portfolio will be reviewed during your rotations at meetings with your clinical

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Coping with illness

Important things to remember You will get sick. That is life. You’re surrounded by germ exuding things (otherwise known as your patients and colleagues), and may well be in a new place, and so exposed to new germs. If you are sick, you should not be at work. Period. If you make a mistake because

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