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Applying to Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine is a holistic specialty in which you spend a great deal of time with patients. There are many aspects of care that rehabilitation medicine provides and these doctors are involved at every step of a patient’s journey from being in hospital to out in the community. What is Rehabilitation Medicine?  Rehabilitation medicine is

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Applying to Anaesthetics

Anaesthetics is a very hands-on specialty. Day-to-day work will have a mix of practical procedures and other clinical work such as pre-operative assessment. You will have a lot of supervision and one-on-one teaching as an anaesthetics trainee. In this article, we discuss what the specialty offers and the application process. Why do Anaesthetics? Daily 1-on-1

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Applying to General Practice

GP training is one of the most popular pathways. In this article, we discuss how to build your portfolio, the different roles a GP can have & we detail the application process. GP training is currently a 3 year training programme but can be 4 years if you take on an academic post. This is

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Ranking Foundation Jobs

If you’re worried about not getting your top choice, you shouldn’t worry. It doesn’t affect your future career and wherever you will go, given everyone is in the same boat as you, you will enjoy & make friends! It does not make it any easier to rank jobs for F1 when applying through FPAS &

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Choosing your Future Career

What does your future hold? Have you thought of a specialty that you want to pursue? This article discusses the different factors that you may want to consider and will hopefully help you to think about what route you would like to take in your career. Your dream job and career values Choosing your future

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Applying to Obstetrics and Gynaecology

In this article, we discuss why you should apply to O&G training, how to build your portfolio & we detail the application process. O&G is a 7 year run-through programme, incorporating a core curriculum with ultrasound training & there are plenty of opportunities to subspecialise.

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Applying to Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology provides a great deal of variety by combining medicine, surgery & A&E. It is predominantly an outpatient specialty with plenty of opportunities to subspecialise. Competition for posts, however, can be quite fierce and hence a strong portfolio may be necessary to secure your place. Why Ophthalmology? Ophthalmology involves intricate microsurgery that can often provide

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Applying to Geriatric Medicine

Within Geriatric Medicine you are always working as part of a multidisciplinary team and have lots of close interactions with other allied health professionals. In my experience, this means plenty of opportunity for discussion and shared decision making with colleagues, as well as being able to gain knowledge and learn from others’ expertise. This also creates a very supportive environment to work in.

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Writing SLEs

SLEs are supervised learning events that include Mini-CEX (mini clinical evaluation exercise) CBD (case-based discussion) DOPS (direct observation of procedural skills) These form part of the compulsory e-portfolio, but most aren’t taught how to complete them effectively & make them useful. As a registrar, I have sent & signed a large number and there is

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Although it can be scary to take on a leadership role, it is an essential role of junior doctors and a great opportunity to develop your skills. The scenarios in which junior doctors frequently lead include the ward round, MDT discussions & teaching students. Never undervalue your role in these scenarios. What it means to

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