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Unveiling the World of Research: My Medical Student Journey and Tips for Getting Involved 

Introduction   Starting my research journey as a medical student has been an incredible and transformative experience. In this article, I wholeheartedly share my personal journey, and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned along the way, and offer friendly tips to fellow medical students who aspire to delve into the world of research.  Seeking Research Opportunities   I

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Internal Medical Training (IMT)

IMT is an exciting and challenging training programme which will certainly make you a better clinician but you will need perseverance, dedication and resilience to complete it. In this article, we discuss IMT and hope it will help you decide whether it is the correct programme for you. Overview of IMT IMT is a programme

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A guide to foundation training posts in public health

If you’re a medical student and you know you want to do public health, or simply are interested in public health and want more experience, choosing the options can be confusing. There are currently no guides available that would help with foundation programme applications for public health enthusiasts (until now!). The general processes of applying,

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Applying to Public Health

Public health is a unique specialty programme – It is the only one you can enter without a medical degree. The good quality of life, diversity of teamwork, and high-impact work mean that the application process is competitive. However, there is a lot you can do to improve your portfolio and the training is comparatively

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A guide to passing MRCP Part 2 written

The MRCP part 2 exam is a multiple choice, best-of-five written exam with 2, 3 hour papers. You’ll be familiar with the vague format of the exam if you’ve sat the part 1 exam, but part 2 has a much more clinical focus, compared to part 1’s focus on basic science What it’s assessing If

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Thinking about Australia?

Junior Doctors in the UK are increasingly moving to Australia after FY1, for FY3 or other years in between training. You can even join an exchange programme as part of your training to spend a year abroad. The helpful thing is that with a similar healthcare system and with so many doctors from the UK,

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Financial Tips for IMGs

This article will go over the costs for international medical graduates associated with applying for a Health and Care Worker Visa and what kind of issues to be aware of once you’ve entered the UK. It is certainly not exhaustive, there are several aspects I have not discussed such as transport, GMC Fees, Indemnity and

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How to set up a teaching programme

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up local, regional and national teaching programmes with top tips we’ve learnt over the last several years of running programmes ourselves. We include top resources to make your life a lot easier. We welcome your questions and we offer our personalised help if you want

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Understanding the MSRA

The Multiple Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) is a computer-based exam increasingly being used by many different specialties as part of core training applications. For all specialties, the MSRA score will contribute to or be the sole consideration for shortlisting candidates for limited interview slots for each specialty. Subsequently, the MSRA score will also (often) contribute

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A Career in Plastic Surgery

If you ask most people (medics included!) what they think of when you say plastic surgery, most people will say it’s about nose jobs, boob jobs and making people look like a Kardashian! We have a reputation of being focused on private practice and earning lots of money doing purely cosmetic procedures. In reality, cosmetic

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