Mind the Bleep's

Award in Medical Education

Applicants must submit an educational project proposal. Details & Criteria below.  

Open: 1st April 2023 to 30th June 2023
Eligibility: Open to all junior doctors & final year medical students
Awards: One winner & 2 runner ups by 31st July 2023

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Project Proposal

Win an award & improve the lives of doctors

Mind the Bleep is all about making the lives of medical students & junior doctors better by the provision of free medical education. We’re looking for project proposals that support our ethos.

Applicants should submit an educational project proposal that’s aimed at any grade of junior doctor and/or final year medical students. 

Winners will be supported in delivering their project in any format including but not limited to webinars, eLearning course, online resources, articles, tutorials or in-person courses. If certain criteria are needed for future applications or portfolios, we will work with them to maximise this. Unfortunately, as a free platform, we won’t be able financially support projects.

Proposals will be judged on the following


Educational Value

Will your project benefit the lives of doctors or medical students?



Can your project be realistically implemented with support from the team?



Do you bring what's needed to build this project?

Have you got any questions?

Contact us if you have any questions!

Do you have any examples of project ideas?

Referral Cheat Sheet - provides junior doctors key information required to make referrals

Finance Course - provides an eLearning course on basic financial principles

Radiology Course - comprehensive tutorials on interpreting radiological imaging

FY1 Survival Guide - a booklet covering the top things all those starting FY1 must know

Others examples include our PSA Course, SFP content & everything else on the site!

What will be the process for judging applications?

Several members of the team from different specialties & backgrounds will review & score each application based on the three criteria above. They will not know the names or details of applicants. 

Does this count towards my specialty applications?

The winners & runner ups will receive a letter confirming that they have won an award open to all junior doctors & final year medical students. 


Additionally we hope by implementing the project, you will be able to develop skills and score points in teaching, QI, leadership & presentations but this will depend on the scope of your project and your portfolio needs.

Any other question

Contact us on [email protected]

Winners in March 2023

To be announced
To be announced
Runner Up
To be announced
Runner Up

Applications Open on 1st April 2023!

Mind the Bleep’s Award in Medical Education is open to all final year medical students & junior doctors. You can submit your application until the end of the last day of the application window. For more details on what kinds of projects we’re looking for & how they will be judged please read the above materials. Contact us if you have any questions!

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