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SkilledMedical will help you plan the perfect FY3 with the perfect job, salary & location in Australia or New Zealand guiding and supporting you through the whole process!

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Work & Play

Enjoy fewer hours for better pay whilst enjoying a new city with cool activites!

SHOs in Australia earn 20-30% more for fewer hours. You can experience a mixture of travelling with good weather and cool new hobbies.

Each state has its own jobs, climate and set of activities that you can enjoy from surfing, adventure activities, exploring wildlife or food and nightlife. You just have to pick what suits you best.

Here's how it works!


Find a Job

SkilledMedical lists different jobs you can choose from so you can select the salary, location & specialty that suits you. They'll help you prepare your application & ace the interview!


Complete Paperwork

SkilledMedical will support you through the paperwork to verify your degree, obtain registration and complete your visa application.


Travel to Australia

Enjoy your new job, make friends and build your portfolio and skills ready as a doctor

SkilledMedical specialises in recruiting doctors to the UK, Australia & New Zealand.


Since 2005, they've specialised in recruiting doctors. Led by doctors with an office in Melbourne and London they are able to understand how best to support doctors.

Guidance & Support

The SkilledMedical team will go out of their way to ensure to support you throughout your whole application and make sure you land your perfect job.

Contact them today

Want to find out more?

The team at Skilled Medical are here to help you find a job with a great salary in an amazing location. Check out some of the available jobs below! You can also contact them by email.

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