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Dealing with a complaint
Dealing with a complaint
Everyone will receive a complaint – this is inevitable. Usually, these are informal, “I’m unhappy with the care delivered” from a relative or the patient. In this article, I’ll...
Cannulation is a procedure regularly undertaken which involves threading a plastic tube into a vein to allow access to give fluids & other drugs. It is also possible to take bloods...
Neutropenic Sepsis
Neutropenic Sepsis
Please read an overview of the management of sepsis before reading this article.Neutropenic sepsis is defined as a temperature of greater than 38°C or any symptoms and/or signs of...
Haematological emergencies
Haematological emergencies
In this article, we give an overview of the most important and serious haematological emergencies that junior doctors should know about!Neutropenic sepsisCase 1:54-year-old...
Performing Arterial Blood Gases
Performing Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs)
Thanks to Geeky Medics for an excellent video demonstration EquipmentGloves Alcohol wipe Cotton wool/ gauze ABG syringe (ensure it is pre-heparinised) and blue needle Hand sanitiserWhen...
Serum calcium concentration is tightly regulated between 2.1-2.6mmol/L. Severe hypercalcaemia is a life-threatening electrolyte emergency requiring prompt recognition and urgent treatment....

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Ophthalmology referral
Retinal Detachment
Basic anatomyIn this article, we will be discussing retinal detachments and will therefore focus only on the back of the eye.The eye is full of a jelly called the vitreous which...
Basics of Slit Lamp Examination
Anatomy of a Slit Lamp BiomicroscopeThe slit lamp consists of:An illumination arm which offers a range of settings to facilitate examining the eye. This swivels on a pivot to...
ADHD in children
BackgroundADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in childhood, and is formed of the following core features:1. Inattention:difficulty finishing tasksdifficulty...
Basic Fracture Management
Whether you’re interested in orthopaedics or not, knowledge of basic fracture management can be useful in any ED.Start at the beginning…As with any other patient, take a focused...
Maxillofacial Surgery
Orofacial Infections
Orofacial infections are a common A&E presentation and are often due to a dental source. Due to the proximity of the airway and the potential for compromise, it is essential to...
cmpa 2
Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy
CMPA is a very common presentation to GP and paediatric assessment units and can cause a lot of parental anxiety. This article talks through different types of CMPA, and how to manage
Paediatric Respiratory Examination
This article gives a run down of how to perform a thorough paediatric respiratory examination and what signs and symptoms to look for. It will be helpful for anyone on a paeds placement...
Writing a Letter to the Editor of a Medical Journal 
What is a Letter to the Editor? A letter to the editor in a medical journal serves as a concise written communication where readers, including healthcare professionals, researchers,...
Marbling MTB2
Lived Experience: Autism
The following article has been written by David Birch. David is a paramedic aiming to increase awareness of managing Autism amongst healthcare professionals, particularly paramedics...
Intensive Care Review
Daily Reviews on the ICU
In the intensive care unit, junior medical staff conduct and present daily reviews of their patients to seniors to guide the planning of care on the ward round.This may well seem daunting...
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